Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Your global payroll partner

It isn’t easy to achieve a quality payroll service across multiple countries. There are enormous variations in the rules and regulations, the number and type of deductions, the data that needs to be reported and the frequency of payments. Keeping in-house specialists is impractical in countries with few employees and using multiple local providers means an inconsistent service with a lack of visibility from the centre.

By partnering with BDO, you can be sure of a consistent, high quality payroll service ensuring compliance and attention to detail at all times.

Our clients benefit from:

A centralised platform

We provide a centralised platform with a single point of contact for your HR teams, thereby reducing the burden of having to work with multiple contacts and ensuring that the solution works with existing processes and controls seamlessly.

A personal team

As market leaders, we pride ourselves on the strong and personal relationships we build with clients at all levels. Every client has a dedicated BDO client team who have first class management skills and outstanding technical expertise.

Globally accessible

BDO can provide a truly global service to you by utilising its international network. Operating with a single contract with BDO UK and managed by the global coordination team, ensures compliance and attention to detail at all times.

Increasing Value

BDO ePayslip is primarily designed as a global payslip distribution system. However the system also can also be used to send communications to people within a specific business unit or to your entire personnel and comes with full activity reporting, which is available for export to Excel.


The BDO ePayslip system has the flexibility to not only add new business entities but also a range of other functions and services from BDO to support your business as it changes, allowing you to focus on your businesses future.